Signs of a Modeling Rip Off

If you want to start in the industry of fashion modeling, you have to watch for con artists. Some business are looking to defraud you, guaranteeing a awesome career in return for money. When the dust settles you’ll be left with an empty wallet.

Here are some tip offs that you should look out for.

1. Forum posts. If you find an note posted somewhere – in a circular, on Facebook, etc – then hesitate before answering. Big agencies have tons of available talent, and they do not have to hunt hard. You might want to pay attention to open casting calls, but otherwise classifieds like these are a bad omen.

2. Requiring cash first. If the modeling agency charges you cash in the beginning before you can sign with them, then pick up your coat and walk out the door. This is an obvious omen that they are not making profit on paid gigs, so they have to make profit elsewhere. If they aren’t turning a profit, then you won’t be either.

3. Requiring that you use their staff photog. A successful modeling agency will ask you to get a port together as well as some zed cards, but they won’t force you to invest tons of money on their own photog. You should look around and choose a photog or composite card printer that you feel comfortable with. If the agency really demand a certain photographer, then they will pony up the cash.

4. The agency wants you to pay for their talent classes or whatnot. It’s just a way for them to scam you. It might look more honest than a “new account fee” or some such thing. But in the end it’s exactly the same.

5. They promise you gigs. If only it were that easy. No one can promise that you will get a paid gig as a fashion model, and any company that guarantees that is just trying to butter you up. odds are, they are just trying convince you into giving them some cash.

Once you’ve witnessed some of these frauds, they become very easy to notice. The core concept is that the company wants to “sign” as many clients as possible, charge them fees in the beginning, and ultimately make them happy with a few casting calls. If new models keep walking in the door, they do not worry you’re on the couch not working. They earned their profit. Don’t let it be yours.